We believe that refugees deserve to be treated with respect and to live in dignity. To make this a reality, we rely entirely on you – private individuals, civil society initiatives and socially responsible businesses. Your contribution makes a direct impact on the lives of refugees in Greece.

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Your personal fundraiser for people in need – for specific occasions (charity event, birthday, charity run,…) or just because! Decide on a donation target, choose a photo, write a personal statement why you support us and get going: promote your fundraiser with family and friends.

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donations in kind

Our warehouse in Thessaloniki provides essential relief supplies to refugees in Northern Greece and on the Aegean islands, reaching thousands of people in need.

The warehouse is open to receiving donations in kind from abroad. To ensure efficiency and consistency in our aid, we are focusing on specific items and high-quality donations. If you're able to help, please get in touch with our warehouse management team:

Please note:

  • We can only accept donations that match our needs list and meet our quality standards.
  • All transports must by coordinated with and approved by our warehouse management team.
  • We don't have the capacity to organise collections and transports outside of Northern Greece ourselves. We kindly ask you to organise collections locally and send them directly to our warehouse.
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