Disposable Camera Project "Life in Lagadikia"

community building
September 14, 2022
5 min.

In an attempt to diversify refugee narratives and build bridges between different groups in Lagadikia, this summer we implemented a series of photography workshops for our visitors at our Lagadikia Community Centre as part of the Erasmus+ project “young people from different backgrounds working together at a community level to build an inclusive and supportive Europe”.

The project commenced with a visit to Thessaloniki Photography Museum (MOMus) to inspire creative ideas, and allow participants to learn about different photography techniques. Following an open discussion on ideas for a common theme, the group collectively decided on the topic “Life in Lagadikia”.

Workshops participants visit the Thessaloniki Photography Museum (MOMus)

We then provided the twenty-four participants with disposable cameras to capture images that reflected their experiences of living in Lagadikia. At the same time, we offered bi-weekly photography classes at our Lagadikia Community Centre – facilitated by our talented volunteer, Mohammad – in order to equip participants with the necessary photography skills.

Mohammad, Lagadikia, 2022

The final pieces were exhibited for four days alongside statements from the participants at cafe Akis, a local cafe in the centre of Lagadikia village. The public exhibition of the participants’ work allowed people from the local community to gain a better understanding of the challenges, perspectives and experiences of youth living in Lagadikia camp. At the same time, it provided participants with a platform and the tools to document and share their individual realities and identities, combatting the tendency to homogenise the experiences of displaced people.

Thank you to everyone who participated and supported this project! We are looking forward to sharing the photos with you at our Lagadikia Community Centre.

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