The Organisation

IHA was founded in September 2015 as a platform to coordinate volunteer efforts responding to humanitarian emergencies across the Balkan route. IHA has since developed into a volunteer-based aid organisation with a focus on Northern Greece, where it has a continuous field presence since early 2016. The organisation has a participatory structure and is sustained by the commitment, dedication and initiative of volunteers.



IHA is a grassroots organisation providing humanitarian aid and assistance to refugees across Europe. We believe that Europe is not facing a refugee crisis but a crisis of solidarity and shared values. For us, the answer is taking humanitarian action – based in civil society and beyond national borders. We stand for a Europe that lives up to its own standards and puts human rights and dignity first.


How we work

Dignity first Making aid about human dignity, through choice-based distributions and community & skills building.

Independent and unbureaucratic We’re funded exclusively by donations and grassroots grants – no strings attached.

Flexible and needs-based We’re able to quickly respond to changing needs and to support people that fall through the cracks of the official aid system.

Sustainable We focus on a limited number of projects, set up to continue as long as the needs they address remain.

What we do

Aid Our warehouse in Northern Greece supports thousands of refugees in the region with essential relief supplies.

Empower Our community center in Lagadikia is a space for learning, community building and cultural exchange.

Connect We’re part of a Europe-wide grassroots network, connecting people willing to help with actors on the ground.



IHA is an incorporated association registered in Munich, Germany, with non-profit status under German legislation. Purpose, governance structure and membership are detailed in the association’s statutes.