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The Team

Reinhold Erdt

» Country Director Greece

» 25 years old

» M.A. Political Science

» Motivation: I believe that the so-called “refugee crisis” is a crisis of European asylum policy, a compassion crisis, that developed into a serious crisis of the European Union itself. And during the search for a solution to this “refugee crisis”, it is the people in search for a better live, that are forgotten. This is why I decided to come to Greece and am committed to advancing a people-oriented approach to refugee protection, enabling beneficiaries to claim their human rights while putting their dignity first.

Giulia Duch Clerici

» Field Coordinator Greece

» 22 years old

» Economics and Political Science

» Washington, D.C.

» Previously coordinated the educational project of our partners We Are Here in Nea Kavala camp, now responsible for running and developing our free shop and the community & education program in Lagadikia

Moritz Reitschuster

» Operations Manager: volunteer coordination, project management, administration, inter-organisational cooperation

» 31 years old, married

» M.Phil. in Philosophy (King’s College London)

» Regensburg, Germany

Dominik Kodlin

» Co-founder and member of the board

» 31 years old

» BA in International Relations

Tanja Raasch

» Volunteer

» 45 years old, married, 2 children

» Naturopath

» Motivation: I want to take responsibility and to be a part of building a peaceful cooeration, locally and globally. I approach this with eyes wide open, ready to look the problesm in the eye, with ears reday to listen, with a clear mind, and open heart and hands ready to help.

Jonas Schröter

» Co-founder and member of the board

»  Organisational development, fundraising, finances

» 28 years old

» Berlin / Munich

» Motivation: “privileges are there to be seized. Let’s get on with it!”

David Lohmüller

» Photographer

» Freiburg

» http://davidlohmueller.com/

Jens Vogel

» Volunteer

» 46 years old

» Motivation: Humanity and responsibility are important to me. I am a European through and through, Maltese and German. And I am aware of the responsibility we have for our actions as a society.

«I must not necessarily win, but I must be honest. I must not be necessarily successful, but I must strive for the light which is in me.» (Benjamin Franklin)


» Consultant on humanitarian aid

» 27 years old, single

» Motivation: At the moment both humanitarian aid and Europe are changing and every single person has to decided what his or her place is in that. I believe that we must put humanity, responsibility and the dignity of every single person on the top of the agenda. Volunters can do tremendous work in humanitarian aid, but only if they are directed properly and this is exactly what I am hoping to achieve here at the IHA.

Daniel Überall

» Founding member

» 38 years old, married, 2 children

» Member of the board of several organizationes

» Motivation: „There are no passengers on spaceship earth. We are all crew.“ (Marshall McLuhan)

Eva Schorr

» 29 years, Friedrichtsthal / Berlin

» M.A. Ethnology

» Field Coordinator Northern Greece June – October 2017

» Assistant Operations Manager

Christin Reitschuster

» Translations & Copyediting

» 29 years old, Regensburg

» M.A. Bilingual Translation (German <-> English)