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Rapid Refugee Response along Europe’s borders

Europe is seeing an unprecedented influx of refugees. The mission of the InterEuropean Human Aid Association (IHA) is to provide aid and assistance for refugees in a fast and efficient way. This is accomplished with teams of volunteers working closely with local and (inter-)national organisations along Europe’s borders.

Rapid Refugee Response

InterEuropean Human Aid Association Germany e.V. (IHA) is a non-governmental, volunteer-based humanitarian organisation. It was founded in September 2015 by volunteer aid workers who came together in the context of the intensifying European refugee crisis. We we minimise unnecessary bureaucracy to provide fast and efficient help .


IHA’s objective is to facilitate the readiness to help of the European population by: channeling donated relief supplies to locations across Europe, serving as a focal point for volunteer aid workers, building infrastructure in refugee camps, distributing relief supplies and providing a variety of services to refugees.