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Volunteer Visions: Phoebe’s sandcastle project

Meet Phoebe from England – she has volunteered with us almost three months this summer. When we started social and educational activities in Epanomi, Phoebe came up with a simple but brilliant idea: sandcastles. Here are Phoebe’s thoughts on the project. 


Due to Epanomi being so close to the beach, it struck me that the perfect material to use for our activities program is right at its doorsteps: sand. It is free, of course, and offers endless opportunities for creative express. The sea could work as the perfect metaphor for the creations to be washed away and, the following week, to be built up again.







Creating a sculpture out of a material, destroying it again and rebuilding another one out of the remnants – I see that as an effective way to teach kids in transition periods that in life we will always form beautiful relationships and attachments but they some may get lost. Nevertheless, we can rebuild our foundations and potentially create a situation even better than the last.

Many kids in Epanomi have experienced, to different degrees, material as well as emotional losses. But they also face new opportunities and the possibility to start afresh. It is my hope that, through fun and games, this project can evoke these feelings and a positive outlook into the future in the children.