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The Rapunzel success story continues

The Rapunzel success story continues:

We did it! In our last newsletter we told you about shoes becoming breakfast and today we would like to tell you the end of that story: After the first delivery of muesli and cereals the IHA was facing a considerable challenge: How do we fund the transport of the goods from Legau and where should they go? Not every refugee camp has the necessary infrastructure to distribute this kind of food. It is different from simply distributing insect repeallant. However, with the help of many organizations and individual we did it. Thanks to everyone who has helped.

You might also like to read our report about the last delivery, 3 lorries with 199 pallets in total that were delivered to Southern Italy via a warehous in Milan. This marks the end of this wonderful project for refugees. The donations from Rapunzel now amount to an equivalent of  260,000 €.

We say thank you to Rapunzel, Heimatstern and other organizations, to volunteers and coordinators both in Greece and Italy and to all donors who provided help with transportation costs. A special thank you goes to our logistics partner who did a tremendous job especially by improvising deliveries in Greece which had to be done without the necessary infrastructure. It all worked like a charm!

As an organization we can say: We did it! Now wwe are hoping for follow on projects and to meet other companies that are as generous as Rapunzel and want to help – not matter how much. There is always something that is needed in the camps.

Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH, Baden-Baden

Under the leadership of Heimatstern (thanks especially tp Tilman Haerdle) we were able to deliver 6 aplletts of tea to Greece, donated by Claus Reformwaren Service Team GmbH in Baden-Baden. The refugees were delighted and are grateful for any help by NGOs and generous donors. Again we can say: Thank you and let’s continue like this!

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