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Successful cooperation with Italy

In July we were able to send three 40 ton trucks with 199 pallets food, provided by Rapunzel, to the Italian charity „Banco Alimentare“ in Milan.

Banco Alimentare

Banco Alimentare provides food for refugees and homeless people all over Italy through a network of 21 regional offices. They also provided goods to 50 other organizations and have 19 employees and 718 volunteers.

The rising number of refugees means a considerable increase in demand for food.  Daniel Pope and Anna Clerici were delighted to receive our contribution to help alleviate the difficult situation in Italy. We were received with open arms and will work on deepening our cooperation and continue our support for them.

We are especially grateful for Massimiliano Donati’s help with Italian communication, Martina Raschke’s excellent logistics and Rapunzel’s generous donation.