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Lagadikia Free Shop

Come on in!
After a lot of planning, budgeting, furnishing, painting, cleaning and decorating, we are very proud to announce that IHA’s Free Shop in Lagadikia is now open!

The shop replaces our weekly distributions of food and toiletries at the nearby camp which currently holds approx. 800 refugees. We’re offering 40 different items and a fair points system so that everybody can select those items they need most urgently. Everybody has individual needs and tastes – which our shop tries to fulfil as best as possible.
For the inhabitants of the camp in Lagadikia, among them 400 new arrivals without cash assistance, this means a small step back to normality and self-determination: Planning the visit, budgeting, browsing through the shop, having a chat at the checkout …

The effort was well worth it! During the first two weeks after opening, we’ve met many new faces who were curious about our shop and later left with a smile, having accomplished their shopping mission.
We’re eager to hear what our customers would like to see in our shop in the future and to extend our selection. To be able to do so, we’re looking for sponsors.
Our long-term volunteers Gara Barroso Nieto and Andrea Exposito Marrero are funding the rent for six months with donations from their own fundraising campaign in Spain – Thank you!
You can support the shop, too. With 200 Euro, for example, we can offer one additional item for one week. People have asked for tomato sauce and chickpeas – Help us broaden our selection and tailoring it to the refugees’ wishes!