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Emergency Response Northern Greece

“Two nights ago, a 3 week old baby arrived, its mother still in Turkey. Yesterday an 80 year old woman travelling alone and a woman who had miscarried on the journey from Evros. They sleep in the bus station for the night and travel on the next day, but they have nowhere to go, really.” – report from Thessaloniki

Around one thousand refugees have recently arrived to Thessaloniki alone and there will be more.
The conditions in the surrounding camps are alarming: due to scarcity of space and torrential rainfalls washing away tents, families have to sleep on the floor in hallways. Various diseases are spreading. At one site, more than 130 people have to share one toilet.

We meet all new arrivals in Thessaloniki and distribute necessities – food, water, information. Furthermore, we are providing continued suppport to those stuck in overcrowded camps – tents, diapers, hygiene articles, fresh fruit & vegetables and whatever else is needed.

We are running out of supplies and cash donations are desparately needed! The most urgent needs are:

> Emergency food packs for new arrivals
> Fresh vegetables and fruit
> Bananas for children with diarrhea
> Tents
> Underwear for people with scabies and lice
> Shampoo and lice shampoo
> Toothbrushes and toothpaste
> Cookers and portable stoves

The situation we have been witnessing over the last weeks is becoming more and more tense and precarious. It is starting to receive some media attention but little action has been taken so far. Thousands of refugees cannot wait any longer, solutions need to be found NOW.

Our team is present on the ground every day and is doing as much as is humanly possible to prevent the conditions from deteriorating further. However, our resources are stretched.
We need YOUR help!